Utilized agricultural area by municipality
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The table use the regional division of each statistical year.
As of 2013, only enterprises that exceed the economic threshold (SO 2,000 euros) are included.
Winter wheat 1)
1) Incl. winter spelt.
Spring wheat 2)
2) Incl. spring spelt.
Mixed crops 3)
3) Incl. proteincrops and cereals mixtures.
Other grains 4)
4) Buckwheat, triticale, maize and other cereals.
Fodder grassland 5)
5) Incl. silage, hay and green fodder.
Peas 6)
6) Dried peas.
Turnip rape 7)
7) Spring and autumn turnip rape.
Rape 8)
8) Spring and autumn rape.
Reed canary grass 9)
9) The statistics on the whole area covered by the Farm Register refer to the municipality.
Horticultural crops 10)
10) Incl e.g. vegetables, strawberries and ornamental plants (under 5 years) on open cultivation.
Other crops 11)
11) Incl. e.g. hemp, camelina and vetch.
Fallow 12)
12) Includes green, stubble and bare fallow.
Nature management fields 13)
13) Includes all nature management fields.
Grassland at least 5 years 14)
14) At least 5 years old meadows including natural meadows, pastures and grazing grounds.
Permanent crops 15)
15) Incl. e.g. apple trees, berry plants and nurseries on open cultivation.


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